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 Many people feel self-conscious trying to communicate their thoughts and ideas. At The Vocal Studio NY, we provide the support and techniques needed to present yourself to audiences of any size or situation.  Whether you want to learn the art of persuasive, public speaking, improve your interpersonal communication  or simply improve the sound of your voice, we can help.

Public Speaking

If you dread public speaking, you are not alone. Few people are 

“natural” presenters. Luckily, it is a skill that can be learned. At The Vocal Studio NY, we have extensive experience helping clients gain the techniques and mind-set needed to become a confident, clear public speaker. Whether you need to do work presentations, teach a class or even give a toast at a special event, we can help.

Interpersonal Skills

Vocie Enhancemet.png

Every day, we have conversations with different people. These exchanges might seem easy, but for many of our clients speaking with others causes anxiety and self-doubt. This can get in the way of effectively communicating their thoughts and feelings. At The Vocal Studio NY, we teach you these competencies in a supportive environment so you can express more easily and confidently in a variety of daily interactions.

Voice Enhancement


Are you self-conscious about the volume, clarity or pitch   of your voice? Do you inadvertently mumble or think you sound too “nasally”?  In our supportive and private environment, we provide a full range of voice enhancement techniques to help you feel comfortable and confident with your speaking voice.

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