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Rachel Levine is an accomplished professional singer who has turned her passion for music into teaching. She has worked with students who want to improve their voice for their own personal joy as well as with professionals who want to increase their range, stamina, and audition abilities. Whether singing on stage or singing in the shower, Rachel believes having the reliability of a solid technique is what allows students to express themselves exactly how they intend.

In addition to teaching, Rachel has worked as a professional classical singer for over 20 years. During that time, she won national competitions and traveled to Europe to sing with festivals and opera companies. For 15 years she sang as a soloist and core member of The Philadelphia Singers where she worked with world-renowned conductors in venues such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Recently, she has been performing as a jazz singer. She finds that making this transition has only added to her extensive teaching abilities. As a voice teacher, Rachel studied vocal pedagogy at the Mannes College of Music. She also studied under prominent NYC vocal coach Justin Stoney and completed the NYCC Voice Teacher Training Certification program.

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